PaciGrip LUXE

PaciGrip LUXE

Level up the luxury with PaciGrip LUXE's bright gold metallics, sweet, fuzzy fabrics, and soft, tactile denim that stimulate baby’s senses and look great, too. With the same universal loop pacifier holder BooginHead introduced in 2007, your baby's favorite pacifier stays close, clean, off the floor, and within baby's reach, all while looking like the pinnacle of elegance. They told us we couldn't class up a pacifier holder, but oh, we did it. And we did it with light-wash denim.

Safe clasp with smooth, beveled edges attaches tight to baby's clothes but won't damage fabrics.

Award for PaciGrip 2-Pack, BabyMaternity magazine Preferred Choice 2020     Award for PaciGrip 2-Pack, Creative Child magazine Seal of Excellence 2020

Honored to receive Creative Child Magazine's 2020 Seal of Excellence for PaciGrip 2-Packs!

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