BooginHead Baby Feeding

BooginHead Baby Feeding

BooginHead makes baby feeding stress free and fun with reusable baby food pouches and sippy cup straps. Shop our convenient baby feeding products!

Introducing SippiGrip Silicone!

New! Made in the USA, stretchy and multifunctional - the newest, coolest essential item comes in Cool Teal, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, and Creamsicle Orange. An awesome solution to babies throwing cups to the floor, SippiGrip Silicone is also the perfect travel accessory for traveling with babies. Attach SippiGrip Silicone to the car seat, the high chair, a restaurant chair, and even that awesome hiking chair backpack thing your baby sits in while you do all the hard work. SippiGrip Silicone is a cup tether, toy leash, and a teether all in one. 100% food-grade silicone is safe for teething babies with a lovely bumpy texture that feels good on gums but also help SippiGrip Silicone hold tight.

Award for SippiGrip Silicone, BabyMaternity magazine Preferred Choice 2020     Award for SippiGrip Silicone, Creative Child magazine Preferred Choice 2020

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