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2-Pack PaciGrips

warmer seasons and vibrant colors go hand in hand. keep pacifiers close and clean with our PaciGrips.

An Absolute Steal!

3-Pack Pacifier Clips


Loved by parents

Having a teether that also has a pacifier clip is such a great thing to have! The clip stays on tight even when my baby pulls on it, it doesn't move at all. It is also really easy to clean and take apart. The design is super cute as well!

MsCourtnaaay, IL

BooginHead Baby Bandana is the cutest! It is made of a high quality material, even after washing it still looks like new! My baby is teething right now and she loves to chew on this cute silicone teether.


These are the cutest PaciGrip for babies. They have a great grip so they hold on tight so you don't have to worry about losing your pacifier. They are so darn cute! I just love putting them on with different outfits. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Duh14, IL