BooginHead Award Winning Pacifier Clips

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BooginHead pacifier clips are durable, stylish, made with a universal loop, and keep your baby's pacifier off the floor. We offered the first pacifier clip to market with a universal loop to attach any pacifier of choice. Now you can use the pacifier your baby loves the most with the pacifier holder YOU love the most! Classic, cool, and on-trend patterns are hand-designed in house for a unique fashion-inspired look you can't find anywhere else. And PaciGrip is not just for pacifiers. They'll attach to all kinds of baby stuff, from teethers to small toys, and the safe-but-strong clasp won't damage your baby's clothes. 

PaciGrip award from BabyMaternity magazine, Preferred Choice 2020     PaciGrip award from Creative Child magazine, 2020 Seal of Excellence

Honored to receive Creative Child Magazine's 2020 Seal of Excellence for PaciGrip 2-Packs!