Daily Mom recommends BooginHead Face Masks

Health and fitness motivation? We'll take it! BooginHead is a woman-owned baby products company, and we make the gold standard in pacifier clips and pacifier holders, but in early 2020 when coronavirus hit we saw a massive need in our community for comfortable, breathable face masks. Remember in March 2020 when everyone was buying up all the masks in sight and mask sellers started upping their prices by like, 200%?

Yeah, not on our watch. We made a quick pivot and turned our safety-tested fabric we use to make baby bibs into soft cotton face masks for adults and kids, launched them in April 2020 at super affordable prices, AND we committed 10% of all face masks sales on BooginHead.com to coronavirus relief efforts. Since then, face masks have become one of our best sellers, and we've been able to support vital organizations fighting coronavirus local and nationwide like United Way, UNICEF, Save the Children, and the International Rescue Committee. Check out our blog post on our COVID-19 philanthropy for more details!

Boy wearing BooginHead Camo face mask

Changing the world, one mask at a time

BooginHead Face Mask, Youth Camo

So, are BooginHead face masks motivation to stay healthy and safe? We hope so! Are BooginHead face masks motivation to look super cute? Yes, obviously:

Girl wearing BooginHead masks blue sky

Like, SO CUTE.

BooginHead Face Mask, Youth Blue Sky

But are BooginHead face masks motivation for health and fitness?..... guess we are now, thanks to this super inspiring round-up of items by Daily Mom that are sure to motivate you to get your blood pumping. In their list 25 Health and Fitness Motivation Items for a New You in the New Year, Daily Mom curates the best of the best "health and wellness products that will give you all the fitness motivation you need to crush your goals this year, no matter what they may be!"

Daily Mom feature BooginHead Pink Hearts face masks

Thanks, Daily Mom! Honored to join the ranks!