knows BooginHead is Right for Your Baby

From freezer teethers to teething bibs (that's us!), vetted a number of different teething solutions from top retailers like BuyBuyBABY, Amazon, and Target, and BooginHead made the list. Thanks,! We love your Facebook page, it's chock full of the kind of articles and tips and tricks we need.

From the article:

"A tooth pushing its way through your baby’s gums is bound to bring drool at best and tears at worst. The best ways to help your baby is to give them something safe and appropriate to chew that allows for a little counterpressure. All  of these options are easy for your baby to use. But babies are famously choosey, as you’ve likely already learned from trying bottles or pacifiers, which is why we’re giving you eight very different options. Your baby will tell you whether the freezer teether, bib, mitt, or some other option works best!"

This is a really important point - babies have preference. That's why BooginHead works so hard to offer *universal* solutions to parenting problems like dropped pacifiers and teething pain. Maybe your baby is going to love the pacifier that you can't remove from that stuffed animal toy. Maybe your baby will completely reject that pacifier and now you've got a pacifier and pacifier holder you can't use.

BooginHead offers universal loops by which to attach any pacifier of choice, and universal straps to use with any cup, bottle, toy, high chair, or car seat. We don't force your hand or your kid. Use what you like!

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Baby chewing on BooginHead bandana teether bib in green camo pattern