Woman-Owned Businesses on Red Tricycle

From barre class to gorgeous sugar cookies to the gold standard in pacifier clips (that's us!), Red Tricycle has the low-down on 14 Woman-Owned businesses Seattle Parents Need to Know!

BooginHead luxury pacifier clips

BooginHead LUXE Pacifier clips

Man, Red Tricycle is the best. With outposts in cities like Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Boston, Red Tricycle is on a mission to find you stuff to do with your kids. Because there are 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, and 365 days in a year in which you must entertain your kids. Especially now in a pandemic when everyone is stuck at home (you're still staying home, right?....right?), you need things to do.

Baby using BooginHead Teething Ring

Chewing on this BooginHead teething ring will take approximately 3 minutes! Only 1,437 minutes left in the day!

Enter Red Tricycle, which literally has a top-page header on their home site called THINGS TO DO. It's got games for kids. Books for kids of all ages. Camping gear recommendations. Indoor fort recommendations.

 So thank you, Red Tricycle, for this humanitarian service of entertaining our children. And thank you for featuring some badass women-owned businesses in Seattle, and including BooginHead.

Sari Davidson, CEO

Meet CEO Sari! She's the badass woman who owns BooginHead

BooginHead is a small, woman-owned, independent business that makes the cutest pacifier clips, baby bibs, and even face masks. We are proud to support Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ Equality. A portion of our monthly proceeds are donated to COVID-19 relief organizations local and nationwide, and to the fight for a more just and equitable world. See our BooginHead Blog for details on that and our other philanthropic efforts!