$1 of every $5 for Coronavirus Aid

It's time to make a difference.

BooginHead is small! Like, super small. There's only seven of us, and we're owned completely by our CEO and Founder, Sari Davidson. We be small, but we be fierce, and we're determined to do whatever we can to help fight this global pandemic.

That's why we're donating $1 of every $5 spent on BooginHead.com, which is 20%, to coronavirus aid organizations local and nationwide through April 30. We're also offering a discount, 15% off your order of $25 or more with code STAYHOME, because we want to help *you* help *us* help *everyone!*

Together, we'll get through this. The world is in complete upheaval, but there are still parents out there who need solutions, who want to keep things close and clean and convenient, who are now parenting in a new, vastly more complicated and difficult world. BooginHead can still help! There's never been a worse time to drop a pacifier on the floor of the grocery store.

Let BooginHead solve your little parenting problems so you can focus on the big ones. Choose BooginHead so we can donate as much as we can to the aid organizations keeping people safe and supported in these troubling times.

We'll keep a running report here of the organizations we've donated to. Check back soon.

We are in this together!