Stop Asian Hate.

Well, it’s Women’s History Month. Actually, it’s almost over. Gotta get this blog up quick, only nine days left! Because as we all know, we don’t have to talk about women, women’s rights, women’s history, or women’s struggles for the next 11 months until March rolls around again.

LOL just kidding. The reason we HAVE to have a Women’s History Month is because women, women’s rights, women’s history, and women’s struggles are so resoundingly ignored, downplayed, minimized, and overwritten it must be wrapped in ceremony, branding, and given a manageable end date to be acknowledged at all, like rolling a pill in a piece of ham before shoving it down your pet’s throat. That pill could be the final blast door between life and death for your dog and he’ll still fight you swallowing it.

But enough thinly veiled metaphor! This March, this Women’s History Month, an unconscionable problem finally rose to the surface of American consciousness, catalyzed by murder, just as George Floyd’s murder in 2020 finally broke through the barriers of white supremacist indifference and gave the Black Lives Matter movement the momentum it has always deserved.

This unconscionable problem is the racism and violence that Asian American and Pacifier Islander women uniquely face.  Collectively called the AAPI community (although their heritages, stories, and experiences are as different and varied as stars in the sky), anti-Asian violence is on the rise, and Asian women are harassed at twice the rate of men.

As with all racism and violence, one of its primary sources is ignorance. When trying to decide how BooginHead could step in and interrupt this racism and violence, we decided our course was to support AAPI women in helping them tell their stories, to speak and be heard, to fight this ignorance at its root.

AAPI Women Lead

We have donated to AAPI Women Lead, which raises visibility around self-identified AAPI women and their experiences with racial discrimination, war, immigration, and more. It celebrates their leadership in education, business, technology, and politics. It works to honor the stories and leadership of AAPI communities, to dispel ignorance around complex Asian and Pacific Islander diasporas, histories, and experiences, and fight anti-Asian violence by contexualizing this period in our history. It combats the stereotypes applied to AAPI women and works in solidarity with other communities of color to share their experiences of racist violence as a part of the larger historical context of racism. (This entire paragraph is paraphrased from their excellent, informative website.)

This Women’s History Month, this woman-owned business stands in solidarity with victims of racist violence and uplifts their voices against the ignorant hate that would silence them. We encourage you to join us in donating to AAPI Women Lead.

 Stop Asian Hate

BooginHead is a small, woman-owned, independent business that makes pacifier clips, baby bibs, and even face masks. We are proud to support the AAPI community, Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQIA+ Equality. A portion of our monthly proceeds are donated to COVID-19 relief organizations local and nationwide, and to the fight for a more just and equitable world. See our BooginHead Blog for details on that and our other philanthropic efforts.