How to Use a Pacifier Clip When You're Not a Baby

You are not a baby! You are GROWN! But did you know BooginHead's #1 best seller, the PaciGrip pacifier clip, could be useful to your adult, grown self, and even your teens and tweens? It's true!


Besides our pacifier clip making the best, and possibly the most affordable, keychain you've ever had, it's also the perfect face mask holder to keep your mask close and convenient when you need a breather. (Which you may certainly take, a respectful 6 feet away from everyone else.)

Kids are going back to school. Teachers are going back to school. Parents are going back to the office. We're all still going into grocery stores, doctor's offices, and gas stations. Attaching a pacifier clip to a face mask so it's easier to keep close and clean is one small way to make a very hard year a little less frustrating.

We've just launched the revamp of our best selling face masks for kids and adults with one very cool upgrade - an adjustable silicone toggled ear loop, to lengthen or shorten the face mask to fit any face shape or size. The coolest part of pairing BooginHead pacifier clips with Booginhead Face Masks is that most of the patterns match, since the face masks are made from our safety-tested bandana teether bib fabric, which we originally made to match our pacifier clips. #stylegoals!

So coordinated!

So close! So convenient! So hands-free!

And honestly, don't sleep on the keychain idea. You're going to love it.

How to Make a Face Mask Holder

Just grab your favorite face mask and your favorite pacifier clip, and let's do this thing.

First, loop it around one ear loop:

Pull it tight!

Clip it to the other side:

Clip Tip - Don't close the teeth on the strap. Close it in the neck of the clip where it can slide freely back and forth:

It's gonna look like this:

Stretch it over your head and onto your face, and you're done!

How about a little video demonstration?

 Super comfortable, super convenient, and super low-maintenance.

The soft strap won't irritate skin or delicate hairlines. No more pulling your face mask in and out of your pocket or purse. No more worries about your kid losing their face mask on the playground, or finding a germ-free place to stash it to sneeze or snack. It could even reduce the number of times you have to touch your face mask and your face.

And it's super affordable! There are tons of PaciGrip pacifier clips to choose from, for as little as $5.99.

BooginHead donates 10% of face masks proceeds from to COVID-19 aid organizations local and nationwide, and there's free shipping on orders $25 or more, so adding a pacifier clip to your face mask order is going to do *you* a solid while allowing *us* to make a difference.

 Let us know what you think! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram on your PaciGrip pacifier clip pics - show us those pacifier clip keychains and face mask holders. And if you can think of any other innovative and cool ways to use a pacifier clip even though you're not a baby, please share them with us so we can tell the world what a genius you are. And don't forget to check the BooginHead Blog for updates on what we're up to, our philanthropic efforts, and more!

(One last thing - if you ARE a baby, and need to know how to use a PaciGrip to hold a pacifier, here's a video for you.)