Face Mask FAQs: To Wear, or Not To Wear

Here in Washington, the health directive to wear face masks in public began May 18, 2020.

Vanity Fair reported that if 80% of Americans wore face masks, COVID-19 infections would plummet, and honestly, that’s all we need to hear. We’re in! Wearing face coverings is something we now do for each other in this world. It is a kindness we do for our neighbors, friends, family, and those among us who don’t have our same defenses, for whom COVID-19 could be a death sentence.

Perhaps you have someone in your life who needs more convincing? It’s a little vulgar, but this brilliant face mask meme posted on Reddit gets the point across to even the loudest face mask resistor:

So let’s wear face masks, everyone! We offer stylish face masks and be sure to check out our handy face mask FAQ below that answers the questions we frequently get.

Face Mask FAQs

How do face masks help reduce instances of infection? 

As Forbes.com contributor Steven John states in a recent article, “Their purpose is twofold, both protecting nearby people by capturing the wearer’s own respiratory droplets, and protecting the wearer by acting as a barrier to droplets from surrounding people.”

Where are BooginHead face masks made?

BooginHead face masks are made in China. We use the same soft fabric from our best-selling bandana bibs, which is housed in our existing production facilities. We understand there are ethical concerns around manufacturing in China, and we are 100% committed to providing fair wages, comfortable working conditions, rest days, and now that COVID-19 has happened, responsible social distancing measures in the factories that produce BooginHead products. Beyond our personal commitment to fair and ethical treatment, we manufacture for distribution in Walmart and Target, who both have very strict guidelines to which all suppliers and their manufacturing facilities must adhere. They’re worth a look: Click for Walmart’s Guidelines on Responsible Sourcing and Target’s Responsible Sourcing.

Is there any metal in the face masks?

Nope! BooginHead face masks do not have any metal struts or bendable bits inside you must pinch to conform to your face. Our face masks are cut and sewn with structure and contour, and inserting a filter helps it hold shape even better.

Are BooginHead face masks medical grade?

BooginHead face masks are NOT medical grade. They are not a replacement for medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They have not been tested or certified to prevent or reduce any kind of infection and do not provide particulate filtration. Our face masks are not approved by any governmental or administrative organization and have not been cleared or approved by the FDA. Please continue to follow your workplace/institutional standards and governmental guidelines and orders. This face mask should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the face mask without assistance. Adult supervision is necessary for children wearing face masks.

But, WITH THAT SAID – as Vanity Fair reported, if 80% of Americans wore face masks, COVID-19 infections would plummet. It’s really important to know that MOST face coverings being produced and offered to the general public are non-medical. But still, they are a vital tool in the toolbox for flattening the curve and saving lives. Remember the pee meme…

What filter should I use?

BooginHead face masks should work with any filter you choose that is meant for personal non-medical face coverings, but we recommend the PM2.5 filter. Check out our replaceable, anti-haze, activated carbon face mask filters that effectively filter out 99% of dust, smoke, pollen, chemicals, exhaust, fumes, and large particles.

What are BooginHead face masks made of?

BooginHead face masks are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and we have repurposed fabric from our best-selling bandana teether bibs to make them. When we produce a run of our bibs there is a certain amount of excess fabric left over – it is this overage of fabric we have repurposed into face masks.

How do I take care of my face mask?

We recommend you machine wash on cold and lay flat to dry, and remove any inserted filter before washing. We recommend cold water because the face masks are 95% cotton and shrinkage may occur. For children ordering the youth size who may be immunocompromised and need to wash in hot water, we recommend sizing up to adult to account for shrinkage from washing in hot water.

Are the ear loops adjustable?

Yes, you can shorten or lengthen your face mask's silky, comfortable ear loops with a soft silicone toggle for the perfect fit on adults, teens, tweens, and kids as young as 6 years old. 

Which size face mask should I buy?

Our youth size fits most kids 6-12 years old, and the adult size fits most teens and adults. Here are measurements in inches:

Have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to chat us on our website or on social media! We are @booginhead on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

BooginHead is thrilled to donate 10% of face masks proceeds on booginhead.com to COVID-19 aid organizations local and nationwide. Your order of BooginHead face masks supports a small, woman-owned business, and in turn enables us to support our global community.