Sari's in the Wall Street Journal!

What do you do when you can't find a product to solve a problem? For our founder and CEO Sari Davidson, the answer is... invent the product! Sari's in the Wall Street Journal this month telling the story of her original invention, the SippiGrip, and how a single mom of two young kids founded her own business and landed her stylish, universal, affordable baby products in the biggest retailers in the world.

baby using BooginHead SippiGrip Black

The original cup & toy tether that launched a thousand knockoffs in 2007...SippiGrip!

"When Sari Davidson’s small children were being mischievous, she called them 'booginheads.' Little did she know she would someday use that name for a startup.

In 2005, when her first son was nearly one year old, he would repeatedly toss his sippy cup on the ground during stroller rides. 'To him, it was a game of catch. Throwing the cup and watching Mom pick it up,' she says."

How does one person go from working at Microsoft, to shipping thousands of baby products out of her garage, to over eleven million items in the market, beloved by parents and their babies the whole world over? Frustration is the mother of invention! Read on for more >

Sari in her Issaquah, Washington storefront

Sari Davidson in BooginHead's showroom in Issaquah

Makers of stylish and functional baby essentials like pacifier clips, bandana baby drool bibs, stuffed animal loveys & security blankets, and sippy cup holders, BooginHead hand-designs their unique patterns in house for an upleveled look and feel. BooginHead is the perfect choice for new parents who want something a little more special, but also need their baby stuff to *work.*

BooginHead is woman-owned and operated in Issaquah, Washington. We understand parenting is a challenge. We make it easier with stylish, universal, affordable baby products that lend a helping hand when you need it most. Happy parents. Happy babies. Joyful families.

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