Baby Easter Gift Ideas (No candy!)

Yeah, hi, 2021? Can you slow down a bit? IT’S ALMOST APRIL. Do you have your Easter baskets and your candy and your easter eggs all ready to go? No? Yeah, us neither. LUCKILY, is making it SUPER easy and intuitive to get all that stuff shipped to you in just two days, or if you’re the kind of person who shops for a holiday the night before (welcome, friend, please sit near us) you can even buy online at Target and pick up in store the same day for all your Easter needs. I mean truly, have you seen this? easter essentials

 I'm sorry, does that say 25% off CADBURY MINI EGGS?? BRB

Here’s a bunch of ideas for baby Easter gifts, Easter outfits, and Easter toys for babies that might help get your juices flowing for what might work for your family. And we’re doing it no-candy-style, because yeah, we know all about the candy. (The candy is Cadbury mini eggs and Reese’s peanut butter eggs. The big ones. Not taking comments at this time, thank you)


1. Baby Easter Outfits

We think the cutest, freshest, most adorable baby Easter outfits come from, you guessed it…. Target. You probably already knew. Well, you were right. Cat & Jack boys outfit bow tie

Toddler Boy's Cat & Jack Short Sleeve Shirt & Pant Set with Bow Tie

Check out this toddler boy’s Easter outfit. Pink pants? Hell, yes. Bow tie? Pardon, PLAID bow tie? Extremely into it.

Or this, a truly heart-stoppingly adorable baby easter dress we also found on

Mia & Mimi bab girl Easter dress

Mia & Mimi Baby Girls' Window Pane Floral Dress

The flowers. The pink. The little diaper cover for convenience and comfort. We’d like one in our size, please. (Minus the diaper cover – we’re good there.)

Yes, friends, it’s gonna be Target for us when it comes to Easter outfits for kids. The speed, the style, the convenience, the options, really can’t do much better!

2. Baby-safe Easter basket decor

Just Say No to a bunch of plastic Easter grass. Not only is it a choking hazard for your baby AND your pet, it gets everywhere. There are alternatives! And even better if it serves a dual purpose – like a cozy little baby blanket or some new fuzzy friends.  Like Floppy, BooginHead’s far and away best selling teether blanket!

BooginHead Floppy Easter basket toy

baby girl using BooginHead Floppy Easter basket toy

Floppy the PaciPal Teether Blanket

Floppy is safe for newborns, has a universal loop to attach any pacifier of choice, a teether to soothe sore gums, and his 12” blanket body is going to squish down oh-so-nicely into your baby’s easter basket as a soft cradle for all the other goodies. No Easter grass trash, no emergency trip to the vet, AND a new soft, snuggly baby blanket? Sounds good to us. You can find Floppy at or a few dollars cheaper at!

3. BooginHead Easter gifts for babies

Yeah, we’re talking about ourselves again – you’re here on the blog! You knew what this was! Have you seen our newest baby products? We think they’re perfect non-candy baby gifts for Easter. We’ve got brand new baby bibs, new teething rings, and new pacifier clips your baby is sure to love, and you’ll love looking at.

First up we’ve got our new PaciGrip Citrus line that launched in Target this year, and whoa, baby, is this piece a hit. 100% food-grade silicone that’s safe for teething babies to chew in the most gorgeous citrus-inspired pattern of fresh lemons, limes, and grapefruits, this pacifier clip would be absolutely at home in baby’s Easter basket.

Baby using Pacifier clip lemon citrusBooginHead pacifier clip lemon citrus

PaciGrip Citrus in Lemons, now at Target

Next we’ve got our brand new baby bibs, our Bandana Bib 2-Packs and PaciGrip pacifier holder bib 2-Packs, which are perfect for a baby who loves pacifiers and also drooling. Rainbows are so hot right now (as they should be), and we think our newest Pink Rainbows pattern baby bibs are right on time:

BooginHead baby bibs in rainbows

Baby bibs by BooginHead

Feeling blue? We’ve got something for you, too:

Baby using BooginHead baby bib

BooginHead baby bib in Blue Feather

And for the babies who are teething, who are experiencing sore gums and putting everything into their mouths they can find to relieve the pain, we have a brand new item just for you – naturally antimicrobial beech wood teething rings with food-grade silicone, in glorious shades of Easter pastel:

Baby using BooginHead teething ringsBooginHead beech wood teething rings\

BooginHead's new Beaded Silicone & Wood Teething Rings

 We wanted to see what all this BooginHead Easter baby gift cuteness looked like together, and oh man, it’s cute:

BooginHead baby Easter gifts

4. Ok, maybe a little Easter candy

Yes, we said no candy, and we mean it, but what’s a Sunday of egg hunting without a little something sweet? We thought up a few alternatives to the usual mountain of refined sugar. Like organic fruit leather! made the very smart choice of calling their version “fruit strips.” Calling any food leather really makes your tongue feel dry. fruit strips for Easter basket
Good & Gather Organic Fruit Strips from
And then, there’s puffs. You know the kind, the baby puffs you find in the grocery store that you dump onto the high chair tray. Babies love puffs. Now you can get them made out of literal superfoods like blueberries and spirulina and choline, and your baby is going to eat them up. Puffs are the perfect baby Easter basket snack!
HappyBaby superfood Puffs
HappyBaby Purple Carrot & Blueberry puffs,
And lastly, go with me here – a non-candy sweet treat to put in your baby’s easter basket that will benefit them for years to come – gummy vitamins.
OLLY gummy vitamins for kids
OLLY Kid's Multi + Probiotic Gummies,

They’re colorful, they’ll take up a lot of space in your kid’s easter basket, kids love them, and they’re actually healthy. (Just make sure to follow the serving size!) That’s a win-win-win-win to us.

So Happy Easter! We hope you have a wonderful, restorative, family-and-love-filled weekend surrounded by all your favorite people, things, and feelings.

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