Will you be our Valentine, Parent Influence?

The sweet blog Parent Influence has a mantra - Words Matter, Choose Wisely - and so we shall say with conviction, Thank You for the Valentine's Day love, Parent Influence! They're digging our hearts patterned PaciGrip for Valentine's Day, and the PaciPal and Teether Blanket for any other old day...but also Valentine's Day, let's be real. Thanks, Parent Influence! You rock.


We want to say a few words about our super cute patterns - you may notice we don't slather our baby products with cartoon characters or overly babyish designs. All our baby stuff is hand-designed in house by our Creative Director, meaning we're not just buying a bunch of fabric that's been lying in a roll on the floor of a warehouse for a few years. We're carefully crafting, and then freshly sewing and printing, all our fabrics and straps at the point of creation.

Baby and mama using BooginHead pacifier clip

Not pictured: Barney, Caillou, or CocoMelon

It's a real source of pride for us that all our patterns are chic, unique, and can't be found anywhere else, and that BooginHead patterns are cute and toddler-friendly while still being enjoyable for parents to look at, too.

Baby using BooginHead bandana teether bibBaby using BooginHead pacifier clip

These babies make us look good

Our baby stuff is modeled after fashion trends both modern and classic, so you'll find among our pacifier clips, baby bibs, and baby toys cute options from the ever-stylish Chevron to the more statement-making Rainbow Stripes. We love it all! And we hope you do, too.