Showing up in a Pandemic

BooginHead is proud to partner with Seattle PEPS, a fantastic organization that connects new parents through peer support groups. New parenthood can be a very isolating experience, and PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) does the work of bringing people together into a community. Our founder and CEO Sari Davidson was a member of PEPS when she was a new mom and it was such a wonderful experience that, as soon as her new company BooginHead was able, she offered to sponsor other new parents in the Seattle area to join PEPS who may otherwise not have the financial resources to join.

Sari was invited to write a blog for PEPS about how BooginHead was pivoting and growing in a pandemic year, and we were thrilled, as ever, to speak again on our support for Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ Equality, and using proceeds from our new Face Masks to provide direct COVID-19 aid to organizations local and nationwide.

An excerpt:

"And then…March 2020. COVID-19 shut down the country. Our tiny team started working from home to socially distance. Business partnerships shifted and changed overnight. And it became immediately apparent that there was profound human suffering not only on the horizon, but happening all around us daily, every minute. The pandemic brought into stark relief the violent reality of homelessness, food insecurity, and the scourge of systemic racism right at our doorsteps, even within the gorgeous Pacific Northwest bubble that has given us so much. Our privileges were laid bare, and when confronted with such harsh truth, what can one do except for everything they can to affect change?"

Read more on PEPS' Highs & Lows of Parenting Blog. And thank you, PEPS, for the work you do for new parents in Washington. Your list of anti-racism resources was a prescient and necessary gift to parents struggling to learn, do better, and teach better in 2020.