SheKnows: Adorable Face Masks for Kids

We don't like it any more than you do, but your kids need masks. Whether it's just going to the grocery store, taking a walk, or the looming specter of in-person school, it's time to suit up for the greater good. Everyone has the chance to be a superhero right now, and you don't need to wear a cape. All you need to wear is a mask. (Which is decidedly less cumbersome than a cape, I think we can all agree.) is collating a massive list of cute, fun, and comfy masks for kids, and BooginHead Youth Masks are on it. We're honored to be in such great company, and grateful to SheKnows for spreading the good word.

From SheKnows:

"Life is pretty strange now, but there’s one thing we are very sure of: the sooner everyone starts wearing face masks, the sooner we can get back to normal and make COVID-19 a bad memory. And “everyone” includes children, ages 2 and up. That’s why we’ve been keeping an eye out for the best kids face masks out there, and we’re pretty convinced that at least one of the masks we list here is going to have that magic sauce that convinces your child to wear it and keep it on.

Choosing the right masks for children is important — possibly more important than choosing one for yourself, because as adults, most of us can intellectually understand why we’re doing it. Our kids, on the other hand, might not fully grasp the concept of public health (kinda like certain politicians?). So we need their masks to be comfortable, fit right without having to be adjusted (because face-touching), and also have really fun, appealing designs."

We know BooginHead fits that bill.

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