Sari's profiled in Seattleite!

We love Seattle. It is our home, it inspired us, it nurtures us, and it's been an incredible place to start and grow a business like BooginHead. It's such a thrill when we get to chat with our local publications about who we are and how we came to be, and so we're excited to share Sari's latest conversation with Seattleite!

Here's an excerpt that really helps explain what BooginHead is all about:

Seattleite: As a women-oriented business-owner, how do you think mothers can empower themselves?
Sari: As a mother, my kids are my number one priority, always. Nothing takes precedence. And so it was really important to me, when crafting my own company culture, that I built a flexible environment that understood the constraints and challenges of being a parent. Sometimes you’re going to have school delays. Your kids are going to get sick. Your evenings belong to you. I have had an all-women, all-mothers staff for about four years now, and what we’ve been able to accomplish is the stuff of dreams. 
And we did that together, in a place of understanding and flexibility. But I think what I’m trying to say is this: it’s really on businesses and workplaces to empower mothers because mothers are powerful already. The corporate attitude toward mothers needs to move toward one of understanding and support, because in my experience it’s parents who work the hardest, squeeze the most out of every minute, and reach for the stars. We have to! Being a parent requires a work ethic, and in a business environment that respects parents, that work ethic translates seamlessly into the corporate world. 
Thank you, Seattleite!