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Our founder and CEO Sari Davidson has seen a lot, done a lot, and shared a lot since she launched BooginHead in 2007 and now, she's so excited to be a part of the Forbes Business Council on! Forbes Business Council is a carefully curated group of entrepreneurs, business thought leaders, and experts who are sharing their knowledge and expertise for the sake of the whole. 

Sari's post, Pivoting In A Crisis: Moving Through the Five Stages of Grief, muses upon what 2020's COVID-19 outbreak has meant for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and measures all CEOs and business owners must take to stay alive in any economic downturn, much less a global pandemic.

Sari begins:

"Years ago, while working at Microsoft, my mentor consistently told his team, 'Innovate or die.' Continue to innovate, or you are no longer relevant. When I left the organization to focus on my company full time, I founded our company values on that motto. For over 12 years, 'innovate or die' has been a major driving force for us and keeps us relevant in our market.

But with the novel coronavirus, practically everything changed overnight, and every business owner I know faced serious roadblocks they had not anticipated at the start of the year. What was a focus on innovation and growth became a day-to-day triage in order to survive. Everything we knew in business and the world had flipped upside down, and the uncertainty was paralyzing. Many of us business owners went through the “Stages of Coronavirus Grief..."

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