PopSugar recommends BooginHead Masks

We are getting such incredible feedback on new BooginHead Masks from our customers! We've been told the Masks are like "a pillow for your face," and.... well said, sir. A very comfortable, very breathable pillow.

We've also heard a BooginHead Mask was the envy of the crowd at an Arizona high school baseball game, when it was 110 degrees outside and everyone else was miserable...except for one intrepid BooginHead Mask wearer! It's getting hotter, folks. And Arizona is seeing an uptick in coronavirus cases... well, Arizona, we have an article we'd like you to see.

PopSugar included BooginHead Masks on their list of 14 Face Masks for Kids With a Reusable Filter Pocket for Extra Protection. Oh, yes, that's definitely us. Our masks are 95% cotton (keeping you cool in the summertime!) and have a pocket for a filter of your choice. BooginHead just launched our new anti-haze reusable filters, too, and they fit all BooginHead face masks, Youth and Adult sizes! 

From PopSugar:

"As summer gets into full swing, it's still important that we're all wearing masks, in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Whether going on a hike or taking a much-needed trip to the store, wearing a mask in public is important for all members of the family, even the kiddos. The CDC recommends that anyone above the age of 2 wear a mask in public where social distancing can't be practiced, so many parents are opting for kids face masks that have a filter pocket for an added layer of protection..."

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