How do you pronounce "BooginHead," anyway?

All the love to the wonderful ladies of (and we're so happy you included us - congratulations to new mom Rebecca!), but we've got a few corrections to make on their super cute BooginHead feature in their Perfect Products for Mom & Baby segment on News 4 San Antonio on October 14th.

First, this is something we actually encounter quite a bit, so it's not directed at any one news organization - frequent mispronunciations of BooginHead. We get so many variations! BOOOOginHead! BOWginHead! and now, BOGinHead! We know, we invited it in, having invented a word no one had ever seen before. It is the price we pay for *dramatic pause* innovation.

Our CEO invented the word as a non-cussy, gentle way to chastise her young sons for doing silly stuff they weren't supposed to be doing, like throwing cups on the floor, tossing blankets out of strollers - you know, the kind of problems BooginHead's baby stuff was invented to solve? The company's name was invented in the same moment.

"You little BOOGINHEAD!"

There's a very simple trick to knowing exactly how BooginHead is pronounced. Are you ready?

It sounds like "Booger."

But we'd rather not have that be its primary association. Here are some other double-OO rhyming words to help you pronounce BooginHead as it should be pronounced!

"And the world's gonna know your name! What's your name, man??"


Our second gentle correction - The teether on our bandana bib. It's described as plastic, and it is definitely not! It's food-grade silicone, which is naturally antimicrobial and safe to put in a baby's mouth.

Baby chewing on BooginHead Bandana teether bib

100% NOT plastic!! 100% Food-grade silicone.

And finally, our PaciPal & PaciGrip 2 Piece Set. Both pieces have a universal loop to hold a pacifier.

Baby using BooginHead PaciPal & PaciGrip pacifier clips

See? Two pacifier holders!

And that's it! We love you, News 4 San Antonio, Thank you for the feature!