Earnshaw's Magazine interviews Creative Director Elicia Kniffin

Did you know *all* BooginHead patterns, from the pacifier clips to the bandana bibs to the face masks to the sippy cup holders, are designed in house, by hand, by our Creative Director Elicia Kniffin?

It's true! Elicia has been with BooginHead for more than 10 years, and her creative vision has helped shape our products into trendy, chic, and stylish pieces that are functional *and* fashionable... because we know if a parent has to look at a baby product 50 times a day, it better be nice to look at. The number of times you have to look at baby poop in a day should be materially offset by the number of adorable baby products in your life.

Our incredible Creative Director has been working quietly behind the scenes for so long, and we're thrilled to bring her into the limelight with Earnshaw's Magazine's recent interview in their series Design for the Times!

Elicia, you inspire us daily, and it is an honor and a pleasure to have you on the team. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor!

An excerpt from Earnshaw's:

"What's the biggest challenge designing for babies and toddlers?

Safety, which is our number-one priority from conception to completion. Luckily, our testing facilities and factories are very helpful in this regard. From a creative perspective, there's more leeway designing for little ones - we can be more whimsical, more fun! There are very little restrictions, design-wise, which allows my imagination to soar."

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