Daily Mom's Best Stocking Stuffers

Wow, this list is PACKED with outrageously fun gift ideas for kids! Artisan holiday-themed play dough? Specially formulated nail polish for kids? BooginHead PaciPals and PaciGrips!? It's the best!

It's Daily Mom's 21 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Kids, but we grown adults will take seven Chocolate Pens, please.

About BooginHead, they say,

"If you are in need of some practical stocking stuffers for kids that also solve parents’ daily problems of thrown food on the floor, dropped pacifiers, and lost loveys, BooginHead has you covered. Whether it is spilled food, messy art projects or needing an on the go, easy to clean mat, check out BooginHead’s SplatMat High Chair & Floor Mat. This extra-large, durable, foldable, easy to clean mat is great for your home or on the go. This splat mat provides maximum floor coverage making it easier to clean up from any meal or fun indoor activity. It also comes in various color options allowing it to go well with any household decor.

SplatMat high chair floor mat

Teething and pacifiers are just a part of being a baby, so why not include them in your kids stocking stuffers! The PaciGrip Pacifier Holder and PaciPal Teething Blanket are awesome pacifier holders with a universal loop to attach any paci of choice.

Boy using PaciGrip pacifier holder Grey Camo

The PaciGrip Pacifier Holder maintain a tight hold of the precious cargo while providing a gentle touch on clothing. If your little one needs a little extra love to help soothe their sore teething gums, PaciPals soft fabric with silicone teether is a great gift for cuddles and comfort. Let these pacifier holders do all the work to keep your little one content while you reap the benefits of a happy baby."

 Daily Mom, it's always an honor and a pleasure to appear in your hallowed halls. Thank you!