Clever Stocking Stuffers for Baby, according to!

Be still, our beating hearts - a full feature on BooginHead in! We got an awesome shout out from the coolest city in the world for our SippiGrip Silicone, Baby Gift Sets, SplatMat, Pacifier clips, and more!

BooginHead SippiGrip Silicone cup holder in blue

SippiGrip Silicone! It holds a cup, it holds toys and teethers... what can't it do?

We love Living Out Loud - LA because it's a truly unique, one-stop experience to immerse its readers in everything that happens in Los Angeles, from the perspective of a staff of native and ethnically-diverse Angelenos. mentions our BlanketGrip, and really we don't talk about this thing enough:

BooginHead BlanketGrip holds your baby's blanket

BlanketGrip! So simple, so effective

BlanketGrip is two straps with hook-and-loop (some would call it Velcro... not us, though) grips on one end and two of our nickel-and-lead-free metal clips on the other. Wrap the hook-and-loop part to your high chair or car seat, attach the clip to your baby's blanket, and never lose a blanket on a walk again! BlanketGrip keeps your baby's blanket close, clean, and off the dirty sidewalk. It's especially handy in slushy snowy wintertime.

So thank you,, for giving us the chance to talk up two of our coolest baby products - SippiGrip Silicone and BlanketGrip!

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