Citrus Pacifier Clips on

Ahhh, spring. We have waited so very long for you. Especially since we really didn't get a spring or a summer last year, right? Everyone else was stuck in their house watching Tiger King just like us?

Well, this year, we're reclaiming spring. We're getting vaccinated! COVID-19 cases are dropping aggressively! And we don't have to wear sun screen on the bottom halves of our faces because we're still wearing masks! We declare a Liberated Mom Spring. An Outside Kids Summer. Let's celebrate with some fresh new stuff to kick it off.

For Every Mom has curated a list of 21 Baby Products for Every Mom This Spring, and we must say, 2021 definitely has an *~aesthetic~* and we looooove it. Natural fibers, terra cotta fabrics, minimalist rainbows, and of course, Citrus-inspired pacifier clips from BooginHead, now in Target!

BooginHead citrus pacifier clips

oooooh my gosh yassss

From For Every Mom: "Does anything say springtime better than these silicone citrus pacifier clips from BooginHead? The citrus clips are the newest products in the brand’s PaciGrip Silicone line, made of food-grade silicone that keeps pacifiers close and clean while doubling as a teether. Mom invented, safety tested, and baby approved, these silicone PaciGrips are available at Target this Spring!"

Thank you, For Every Mom! It's an honor to lay along side the newest, coolest baby carriers, car seats, sleep sacks, and Boppys!