Candy-free Valentine's Day gifts with Motherly

We can't get enough of Motherly, for real. They're always coming up with great parenting ideas, tips, tricks, advice, and support, and we are here for it. Their latest, 25 Candy-Free Valentine's Day Gifts for Babies and Kids, is no exception. 

Way back when all these candy-centric holidays like Valentine's Day were getting their mass market sea legs, you know, the early 1900's and such, candy used to be a luxury, but now it's an everyday treat. So how do we make special days still feel special without it? From Motherly, "If you're looking for a sweet gift that's actually sugar-free, we've rounded up some of our favorite love-filled Valentine's Day gifts for babies and kids. From soft cozy blankets and loveys to kid-friendly bling that sparkles and shines, there's something for everyone on your list!"

BooginHead's inclusion? Our perfectly pink Love Hearts Bandana Teether Bib:

baby wearing bandana bib pink hearts

I mean, come on. At this point, Valentine's Day is our middle name

Motherly, darling, if you're reading this blog, may we humbly suggest a second submission?

mom and daughter wearing booginhead masks pink hearts

We've been making this mask for almost 8 months and still can't get over how cute it is

 BooginHead Masks in Pink Hearts

BooginHead makes face masks for adults, teens, and kids from the same safety-tested cotton fabric we use to make baby bibs, so you know they're soft, breathable, comfortable, and just stretchy enough to last all day. There's a pocket inside for a filter of your choice, and with these new strains of coronavirus hitting the streets, we highly encourage everyone to explore their filter options. We have a few mask filter 20-packs left, if you're into it.

Be safe, be smart, and love on your littles, everyone - Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you, Motherly!