Motherly can't get enough of BooginHead

Anybody out there have a teething baby? What a ride. Not sure why the human race as a species has to viciously thrust razor-sharp bones out through the most delicate place on our bodies that happen to make frequent contact with the *other* most delicate place on our bodies (yes, we're talking about nips), but here we are.

Luckily, there are products out there that can absorb some of the blowback - be it pain, drooling, or distraction, baby teething products can be a lifesaver. knows what's up; their recent article "13 Teething Products My Babies Can't Get Enough Of" has the best of the best, and you just know BooginHead's Bandana Teether Bibs made the list, honey.

Bandana Teether Bib in Black/White Checkerboard

From Motherly:

"I vividly remember the moment my babies started teething. First came the drooling (so much drool!), then came the hand chewing, the toy chewing, chewing anything near and available to them. Then came the crankiness until pop, a tiny tooth came out, and we were back to normal in a couple days. Every single time I've desperately shopped online looking for something - anything, really - that will help them and myself get through this.

After years of research and experimenting, these are the products I highly recommend for when your baby is going from all the gummy smiles to getting ready to chomp anything in sight."

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