Red Tricycle has a Masks rec for you... it's BooginHead!

Red Tricycle, how we love thee. And your well-researched list, 30 Best Face Masks for Kids (And the Entire Family). We love it because the more media sites can hammer home the point that WE NEED TO BE WEARING FACE MASKS, the more lives we can save, but also because we're in excellent company with our philanthropic efforts - between BooginHead, Disney, Old Navy, Nickelodeon, and a few other companies giving back to COVID-19 relief efforts, you're bound to find a Mask that makes both your face and your heart feel good.

BooginHead Masks
Pink Stars in Adult
Blue Sky in Youth (coming soon!)


From RedTri:

Your kid needs a mask. Whether it’s a run to the grocery store, a bike ride, or thoughts about returning to school, it’s time to stock up on face masks for your kids and family.

The CDC agrees that cloth face masks are one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your family safe by slowing the spread of COVID-19. As we’ve learned, coronavirus is spread through droplets, so wearing a mask reduces your family’s risk.

What should you look for when shopping for kids masks?

Mosts parents agree a comfortable mask, with a breathable fabric, goes a long way in staying on your child’s face. The mask should be kid-sized, i.e smaller than an adult mask.

For additional guidelines, the CDC suggests kids’ masks that have multiple layers, fit snugly around the face, are secured with ties or ear loops, and are machine washable.

Hey, sounds like BooginHead! Available in Youth sizes with two layers of breathable cotton fabric made from repurposed, safety-tested bandana teether bib fabric, and with silky-soft ear loops, BooginHead Masks are an excellent *fit* for this list, and for yourself, your kids, and your teens. (See what we did there? We're hilarious.)


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