Hello Bello! (Magazine, that is!)

We went to BelloMag.com to see what was new with fashion and style lately, and when we finally regained consciousness after being knocked out by the chicness of it all, we saw BooginHead on their Christmas List to Santa!

Why, yes, we ARE an excellent baby gift for newborns and toddlers! Our Baby Gift Sets come with stuffed animals that hold pacifiers, pacifier clips, baby bibs, and sippy cup holders for just $44.99, which is a 13% savings over buying each item individually.

BooginHead Baby Gift Set, Floppy the Bunny

BooginHead Baby Gift Set, Bunny

Don't know about you, but we see a whole bunch of stocking stuffers for baby here!

Bello also shows some love to our SplatMat, which could be YOUR SplatMat for the highly enticing price of $16.99. Go ahead on over to Amazon, try to find one that's just as cute as this for a better price. We'll wait!

BooginHead SplatMat under art easel

Get your art on with SplatMat in Marble Swirl

So thank you, Bello, for including us in your incredibly stylish magazine on a list full of top tier products for kids this Christmas. It's an honor! Read more at BelloMag.com.