BooginHead Masks are even stylish enough for

Why, hello there.

*sips brandy*

Are you, perhaps.....a Gentleman? Or do you know one?

Do you love.... scrolling?

Because has an absolutely massive, yet comprehensive, list of classy Masks for the gentlemanly type, and this baby brand right here landed on it.

From GQ:

"If you're trying to figure out where to buy face masks right now, look no further—we've found over 100 options below. Even as some states begin to reopen, most still require you to wear a face mask in public areas. The CDC recommends it. Streetwear brands have embraced the moment. As have political junkies. Even the White House is now requiring its staff to mask up.

Social distancing is your first line of defense against the Coronavirus, but if you're going to go outside to protest or just buy groceries, you should be wearing a mask (and it probably wouldn't hurt to carry some hand sanitizer too). We're no longer in the phase of the pandemic where, due to low mask supplies, your only option is to grab a bandana. There are now enough companies making face masks that you'll almost certainly be able to grab something functional and stylish enough that you won't mind wearing it."

BooginHead Adult Mask in Black/White Checkerboard

So Mask Up, Gentlemen of the world. We're all in this together!