Best Virtual Baby Shower Ideas with YourTango

YourTango has so much going for it, truly. Quotes! Horoscopes! Health & wellness! Expert Advice! Entertainment & News! What isn't YourTango dominating? If you thought maybe they weren't dominating baby shower gift ideas, you'd be wrong - check out their recent list, 42 Best Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

Being pregnant is hard (for most,) but being pregnant in a pandemic must be an extra level of hard that most of us have never experienced. In an average pregnancy you're experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions - sadness, happiness, fear, maybe even some loneliness if you don't have anyone going through this journey with you - but now, isolated and separated as we are by social distancing, even people who are not pregnant are experiencing rollercoasters of emotions like sadness, fear, and loneliness. Seems like pregnancy would give all those emotions a big ole bullhorn to be as loud and overwhelming as they could possibly be.

So how do we take care of our pregnant people in a pandemic? How do we shower them with affection and support? We love the idea of a virtual baby shower. We love YourTango's suggestions on what to "bring" to a virtual baby shower.

Baby using BooginHead PaciPal SlothBooginHead PaciPal Sloth

We think you should bring this! BooginHead PaciPal & PaciGrip, Sloth

We happened to land on this list with our super cute, super functional, super snuggly PaciPal & PaciGrip 2 Piece set, made up of two pacifier holders that keep pacifiers close and clean so you don't have to worry about lost and dirty pacis in pandemic times, but the list is full of cool gifts like body pillows, baby sets, moisturizers, baby clothes, and baby tech. Check it out!

Thanks, YourTango!